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We offer: Good relationships for trade communication between Europe, West Africa and India

Export: Goods for West Africa

GeComm Handelskommunikation is your reliable partner when it comes to exporting to West Africa. Our special focus is on medical products. Thanks to our many years of activity and excellent knowledge of the region, we have a large local network and can always find the right contact person for your concerns in West Africa. We would be happy to help you establish and consolidate stable trade relationships. We also support customers from West Africa in establishing contacts with German companies.

In Germany we work with well-known manufacturers such as B. Bosch, Siemens, Braun and others, whose products we sell to West African laboratories, medical practices and clinics. We are able to deliver the products we broker at short notice on favorable terms and in large quantities.

As the exclusive representative and supplier of Indian quality manufacturers, we can also support you in establishing contacts and partnerships in India.

Medical products

On behalf of our customers, we broker medical consumables to West African countries. There we have a network of contacts and facilities that has grown over decades, as well as experts who are familiar with all administrative and legal matters. We help you to find the right buyers for your products in West Africa. At the same time, we support clinics, laboratories and medical institutions in West African countries to obtain high-quality medical consumables in the fields of general medicine, surgery, pediatrics, dentistry, radiology, etc.

Medical devices

We specialize in exporting high quality medical equipment from Europe and India to West Africa. Our portfolio includes state-of-the-art machines and medical technology for the application areas of dialysis, echography, radiology, etc. GeComm Handelskommunikation puts West African customers in touch with competent contacts from German companies, such as B. Bosch, Siemens, Braun, etc. We also support German and Indian manufacturers in finding suitable buyers for their products in West Africa.

Import: Goods for Europe

Coffee, cocoa, nuts, tropical fruits - these and other West African specialties are now part of everyday life in Europe. As a trading specialist for agricultural products, we ensure that agricultural products of the best quality find their way to Germany and Europe. We are excellently networked in the region and can find the right products and partners for all needs.

Fair trade relations and fair payment for smallholders are important to us and form the basis of our work. In addition, GeComm finances projects that support farmers in West Africa in implementing ecologically and economically sustainable cultivation methods.

Green coffee

We source our coffee from Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast). The West African country is one of the largest coffee producers in the world, with a focus on the cultivation of Robusta coffee plants. We supply very good quality (grade 2) green, unroasted coffee beans that produce coffees with a sweet, full and balanced taste. We work exclusively with cooperatives and agricultural associations that support our goal of fair trade. Thanks to lean processes and the avoidance of middlemen, we can offer attractive, competitive prices. By purchasing green coffee from GeComm Handelskommunikation, you are helping to improve the living conditions of farmers in Côte d'Ivoire.

Raw cocoa

We supply the highest quality raw cocoa from Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), the world's largest cocoa producer. Côte d'Ivoire offers ideal conditions for growing cocoa trees and for ripening the fruits or cocoa beans. We work exclusively with cooperatives and agricultural associations that feel committed to fair trade. Thanks to lean processes and short retail chains, we can offer attractive, competitive prices. By purchasing raw cocoa from GeComm Handelskommunikation, you are helping to improve the living conditions of farmers in Côte d'Ivoire.

Cashew nuts

A large part of the world production of cashew nuts comes from West Africa. We get our goods from there. Thanks to the close cooperation with our local partners, we can guarantee the highest quality even for large quantities as well as attractive prices thanks to short retail chains. We work exclusively with cooperatives and agricultural associations that support our goal of fair trade. The demand for cashew nuts has been increasing for years. We support initiatives that help small farmers to improve farming methods and increase yields in harmony with nature.

Other agricultural products

In addition to raw coffee, raw cocoa and cashew nuts, we also sell tropical fruits and other agricultural products from West Africa - always in the desired quality and from fair trade and production that is as sustainable as possible. Below:

  • Pineapple
  • Griffonia simplicifolia
  • Hevea
  • Jatropha
  • Rubber
  • Coconuts
  • Kola nuts
  • Palm oil
  • Soya oil
  • Voacanga Africana

Is your product not included?

Talk to us, we would be happy to support you with our strong network in finding the right trading partners in West Africa. We speak German, English and French.

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We are: General Communication

Trade communication with equal respect: We connect West Africa, Europe and India

General Communication (GeComm) is an international trading company based in Frankfurt am Main. The focus of our activities is the brokerage of products and contacts between Europe, West Africa and India. We trade on medical, agricultural and food sectors. We have excellent knowledge of the individual regions and a large network of trade specialists, producers and economic experts that has grown over decades.

For us, good trade relations are fair trade relations. Our goal is to build stable partnerships that are mutually beneficial. This is what we strive for every day. Business practice shows that it is possible to achieve a trade balance that takes into account the interests of both buyers and producers.

How can we help you?

Contact us today! We speak German, English and French.

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